If you have enabled Office 365 MultiFactor Authentication and saw a reference to an app but glanced over it, you’re missing the best (and most seamless part)

It’s called the “Azure Authenticator” and it’s an App for Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

When MFA is enabled in Office 365 you will have a few ways of verifying or receiving the PIN

  • Telephone Call (Microsoft computers call you up to confirm)
  • A PIN code (Secret pin is texted to your Cell via SMS)
  • Confirmation is sent / received via an App

The App method I find is actually pretty cool and seamless.  If you’ve ever used the “Authenticator” app for your Hotmail Account it’s pretty similiar in it’s use.

But where do you get it?  I’ll save you the search time

Windows Phone 8/8.1/10

iPhone / iPad (iOS 8 and later)

Android 4.0 and higher

The app works pretty simply too, there is pairing process with Microsoft to get your phone matched up with Azure Active Directory of course. 

But once done when you choose to use the App as your second level of Authentication, all you’ll get on your phone (after of course you enter your password is a little prompt from the App saying “Hey, is this ok to happen?”

It’s a nice seamless way I personally find to use the MFA feature.   If you haven’t tried it out I recommend giving it a shot.  It’s far cheaper than buying up an RSA appliance Smile


The Energized Tech