I’m not blaming Visio here.  In fact I blame that sneaky Murphy.  I know for a fact he’s behind this.

I hand spent a good 30 minutes drawing up a Flowchart in Visio.  I was quite happy with it.  File.  Save.  Filename.

…and then Visio aborted and went into a nasty crash (which normally doesn’t scare me in Office 2016 because it usually recovers VERY well)

…….But this time it didn’t.

I stared at the screen.   I blinked.   I muttered some “Magic Words”.   That of course didn’t help at all (except for the looks from a very surprised Squirrel peering into my Window)

So… what to do?  Restarting Visio and Office did not trigger an autorecover.  But I though to myself, often there is something stored in the TEMP folder.  I seem to remember finding bits of files there before. 

Into the Shell I ran to look.  


Now if double clicked or tried to launch this file…. *BOOM* … bad things.

However I DID remember that sometimes in Office if things fail it keeps trying to fix that exact file.   If the fixing process is “Borked” as the Swedish Chef would say, it keeps repeating over and over and over….

So the trick would be to convince Office this was NOT the same file as before by…oh I don’t know….. Give it a DIFFERENT name?

Copy Item .\VSOE54A.vsdm $Home\Documents\PleaseWork.vsdx

Moments later I got lucky and was able to open the file.   Mind you I should have stuck with rule 1…. Save Early and Save Often.

But in case you’re ever stuck, this might just save you or your client’s bacon some day.

The Energized Tech