This was driving me bananas.    The one device in my repertoire which my local workflows relied upon got upgraded and was unable to operate two Mission Critical Applications.

You guessed it, a family member’s computer was updated to the most current release of Windows 10 and neither Netflix nor Facebook would load.

Rebooted, updated, cast magic spells and nothing worked.

Let me tell you as well, these applications NEEDED to operate…… or I would have gotten no sleep over the next week (Which would mean no Scripting Guys articles, no PowerShell, no Battlefront on Xbox.

Then it dawned on me.  What did I change?  It was running Windows 10 prior to this.

Hmmm…. well I DID change all the defaults for Storage to the memory card…. Naaaaahhhhh.

You would think that was a minor change but there are a handful of apps that are written badly that won’t operate on external storage. 

Wouldn’t you know? Facebook and Netflix were just two of them.

I went back to my settings in Windows 10 and swapped the settings for Storage and moved the “Save locations” back to C:


Once done both applications IMMEDIATELY began to install without issue.

If you run into this, take note of the easy solution.   This also resolves the same problem on some Windows Phone apps for the same reasons.   You can change it back afterwards if you like.

Cheers and don’t stress over the small things Winking smile

The Energized Tech