I still remember my very first MVP Summit which was also my very first trip to Seattle.   I remember so much from that the day and following Summits.

The first thing you’ll hear from Microsoft MVP’s over and over are three little letters that are oh so important. 

N. D. A.  –  the Non Disclosure Agreement shared between MVP’s and Microsoft which let’s them under the hood.  You might think that’s the only thing MVP Summit is about.

Truly, it is a massively big piece but it’s not the only thing.

MVP Summit is so much more than that.

It’s a celebration, a reunion, a time for inspiration, a meeting of minds world wide.

Think of this as a rare chance for friends, sometimes only connected through the wires of Cyberspace and the Internet to physically meet.  Both old and new.

A rare opportunity for some of us who only hear of Microsoft to actually see the not only the machine, but the people in action.

It’s also, as a very good friend of mine at Microsoft likes to refer to it as “Disneyland for Geeks”.   It’s a great chance to go out, be yourself, get inspired by all that’s around you.

For me, each year I get to go to the MVP Summit (and of course each time I have received the award) I count myself blessed and hope each year to get this opportunity.

Where else can you actually say you might see Satya Nadella up close?  Shake hands with Jeffrey Snover or Mark Russinovich? 

……and give them direct input into tomorrow’s generation of products!

So if you wonder why I tweet as much after MVPSummit, why I get just a little TOO excited?   For me, in my mind, I am in my home away from home… My mind is at Nirvana Smile

The Energized Tech