I ran into a stinker today that no matter how many times I wrapped my head around it, the answer wouldn’t appear.

I tried to create a Virtual Network in Hyper-V connected to my Wifi adapter, something I have done so many times before.

Only this time around it coughed up this lovely error.


Now the FUN part is I found TechNet articles and things from Answers.Microsoft.com which suggested it had something to do with a previous bridge (which made sense considering how Hyper-V lays out a connection)

The funny thing is I could find NO reference to a Bridge anywhere, not even as a hidden adapter under Device Manager.   I even removed the Hyper-V stack, Hyper-V itself and blew away the Wifi Network card completely.

Then after putting everything back in and poking through the registry a dozen times over I thought of something silly, why not try Binding the Wifi adapter to a Brand new Bridge and then Remove it from that bridge?

Well cover me green and call me a Dill pickle if that didn’t work!

Moments later, my Hyper-V stack was happily bound to the Wifi adapter and providing external Internet to my internal machines!

Sometimes the silliest things provide the answers.

The Energized Tech