Just before going on vacation I found myself nicely upgraded to a Surface Pro 3, i7, 8gb of ram, 512 Solid state drive…

There was a pile of drool all over my desk as a result.

However knowing how “gentle” I was with my previous hardware, powers that be suggested strongly I find something to give this Device a fighting chance (I have two Nokia with shattered displays from drops and Dell Latitude that has seen better days over the past 3 years)

So I was more than just a little pleased at getting my hands on an Urban Armour Gear for my Surface Pro 3 which out of the box is at least meeting a Military Spec on dropping.


The use of this case is quite simple.  You take the Surface Pro 3, press it directly into the rubber mounting and away you go! 


It certainly makes my Surface Pro 3 feel a lot more rugged and the rubber mounts do feel like it might prevent at least key screen damage on the corner.




Having used the case for the past month I have found I do like that it bevels on the back so that you don’t completely lose that feature of the Surface Pro 3.   It definitely is a more solid wrap to this Device.

Have I had the nerve to drop it on the ground to test the drop capability?  Oh Hell No.  I’d be a fool to do that Smile


  • Enhances Surface Pro 3 protection
  • Bevel at backs mimics the Surface Pro 3 Kick stand
  • All connectors are still exposed and usable
  • Small band allows keyboard on Surface Pro 3 to be held against screen for some additional protection.


  • Notable added weight to the Surface Pro 3
  • Nothing truly outstanding to protect the screen from front damage
  • Some 3rd party devices will not attach due to change in shape
  • Use of Microsoft dock requires removal of case each time
  • Limited choice of colours (Only Black and Red)
  • Cannot add/remove Memory card in back of Surface Pro 3

Overall I am happy with this add on for my Surface Pro 3, it has at least protected on one nasty bump that could have chipped things.  I would love to see them extend this protection slightly better to almost what the original Otter box designs in the mid 2000 era (Before iPhone versions) to protect the screen and possibly make it bit more water resistant.    I would love to see an Urban Armour Guard choice of colours to match all of the available keyboard colours from Microsoft.

Given that this investment is under $100 and seems to make my Surface Pro 3 a little more *Sean Proof* Confused smile  I’d  highly recommend making it an addition to your Surface Pro 3.

If you’re interested in this protection for the Surface Pro 3 you can pick it up from the Microsoft Store, or buy it online at www.microsoftstore.com.   You can also order it directly from Urban Armour Gear.