Here’s the stream from the Microsoft Ignite Edition of Patch and Switch.   Keep your eyes open for some Photo bombing that may (or may not have occurred, those involved refuse to admit it occurred)

I however have found evidence at 28:00 into the show of a Rogue Tilley being spotted in the back end worn by none other than Rick Claus’ Evil Doppelganger!

Proof below in the these pictures obtained SECRETLY from the back rooms!

Joey “Really Kearney?”


Rick’s head twists about and thinks a quick “What the…. ?”


“Boooommmmbbbbbssss Awaaaaayyyyy!!!!!”


The truth is finally out!  Rick Claus and EnergizedTech are NOT the same person!


Rick is almost speechless.  “What ANOTHER BOMB?  Find me Pierre! I’ll bet he was up to this!  Somebody get me Volker!”


But as Rick attempts to press the button to release the trap door to toss the  Doppelganger into the waiting Rancor pit, his nemesis scampers off like Hammy the Squirrel from “Over the Hedge”


I swear!  This really happened!   Still can’t believe I was THIS CLOSE to being on the show too!

BTW …. This was totally Pierre’s idea !  I swear!  No no… REALLY! IT was ! I had no….