For anybody who has been dealing with issues with Application Compatibility ESPECIALLY rendering issues Enterprise Mode within Internet Explorer 11 IS the answer!

Since Internet Explorer 7 we’ve had “Compatibility View” which just drops the engine back to the previous version to allow things to work as they did before (There is probably more to it than that, but that pretty much sums it up)

With Internet Explorer 11 you have a pretty cool option called “Enterprise Mode” which is one of those big fancy Marketing words for “Enhanced Programmable Compatibility Mode” (at least that’s how it fits in my brain)

So let’s pretend you have an Infrastructure that just upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 with Windows 7 (Yes, those projects are still ongoing) and just got notice that support for anything prior to IE11 is being dropped next year (It Is) your first thought is “Panic!!!”

In actual Enterprise Mode allows you to tell the LOCAL Internet Explorer that a web page only runs with IE5,IE7,IE8,IE9 or IE10 Rendering engines.  What does it require?

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Access to a local internal web site
  • Group Policy

Now here is the interesting part.  This is the “Enterprise configuration”.  If you HAD to implement on a peer to peer PC you can get away with using local policies and IIS on Windows 7 or Window 8.1.  (Heck, I think you could even just use a simple Apache server all it holds is one XML file)

Interested?  Keeps your eyes open and I’ll blog about this further.  Microsoft is dropping support for all browsers prior to IE11 in 2016 because you can CONTROL IE11 granularly enough to have it RUN as the PREVIOUS BROWSERS!

Keep those browsers open! Smile

the Energized Tech