A friend looked over at me and noted something interesting I never thought of. “Where do I find PowerShell?”

Like many people who use Windows PowerShell on a daily basis I just never even thought about it.   It seemed so obvious.

“Why just look on your taskbar on the lower left hand side for the little Blue icon!”

I showed him my laptop for the picture of the PowerShell icon as a reference. 


This all seemed a pretty obvious and simple answer until looking at his laptop the Icon wasn’t actually on the Taskbar.  “Ooops!”

The answer was quite simple of course.  “Just hit the Start button and start typing in ‘Powershell’, you’ll see it appear as a searchable item on your Start Screen or Start Menu in Windows”

He shook his head in disbelief. “Are you telling me it’s not available off the menu?”

I guess my brain went off into lala land.  I forgot the obvious.   “Well…errr… yes! Of course it is!”

I then instructed him to Click on the Start button, navigate to his master list of applications on the Windows Start screen.   “Just look under the ‘Windows System’ portion of the menu and you’ll see a ‘Windows PowerShell’ icon.”


Scratching his head he looked over. “That doesn’t seem very efficient.   Isn’t there a way to make it easier to access?”

“Of course.” I noted. “It’s just an application in Windows like any other.  By default it would have been on your Taskbar but all you need to do is Right Click on it while you’re in the Start Screen…”


“…and Select Pin to taskbar from the menu.”

Returning to the screen he saw the icon back where it should have been, which made my life a bit easier.

You know, somehow I think I’m going to be getting a lot more of these questions soon.  But that’s ok.   We all have to start somewhere Smile