Continuing the long standing tradition of celebrating Windows PowerShell and the Holidays with such great classics as

“A PowerShell Carol”

“How Mr. Finch Learned Scripting”

“It’s a Wonderful Shell”

“’Twas the Night before Scripting”

The Scripting Guys proudly announce in brilliant shiny 32 bit colour with 7.1 DTS Surround Sound the newest Holiday Classic

“Oliver Script”

Available on from December 20th to 26th 2014

If you enjoy a good story, love PowerShell, live for the Holidays or just simply like to kill time in the bathroom with Twitter then please bookmark your calendar for this amazing story.

“Oliver Script”

A tale of an ordinary person who discovered a love of technology….and PowerShell

Here’s a little tune you can sing along to, or spam blast to your co-workers or simply crank up to drive the cat batty.  It’s the unofficial and completely horrid tune that even the estate of Charles Dickens is unwilling to hear for it’s pending litigation.   “Code Glorious Code”