Last May I went to TechEd and won a really cool prize just by attending a presentation (and participating in a raffle in Twitter) from the @OfficeGarage “Office 365” booth.

I love this device.   It’s small and light, runs full Windows 8.1 and has an Atom processor, meaning I can run normal apps within my Enterprise.

I had been considering what it would take to make this a “Normal PC” short of running Hyper-V.

Challenge one, connect up a keyboard and mouse.

There is a MicroUSB connector on the side which is used for charging the Device.   If you grab an OTG adapter (which converts this to a female USB device) you can attach a standard USB hub which gives you access to standard external USB keyboards, mice, hubs and goodies.

‘Woohoo!’ I would have shouted out if not for the fact that the device has a Battery…. which has SOME type of limited lifetime.   Certainly not twelve (12) hours if I were to be running Excel spreadsheets, doing research on the Internet (ok fine, playing “Bejeweled Blitz”, you caught me) and going through the usual pile of email in the Inbox and delet…. READING it.

This means the device would require power.  

Ah, but it DID have a Bluetooth connection.    I happened to have in my pile of goodies from the Microsoft Store a Microsoft Wedge Bluetooth Keyboard which offers up a cover which doubles as a stand for devices.   I also owned a Microsoft Sculpt Mouse which is Bluetooth Capable as well.

Smiling to myself ‘I have a solution!’

….or so I thought until my 24” monitor was staring back at me.   ‘What about me?’ It seemed to say.

I thought.  ‘Wireless video, if only I had wireless video….’

Interestingly enough, the Dell Venue 8 supports Miracast.    Off to the Microsoft Store… online and purchase myself a NetGear Push2TV adapter.

Now some things to note about hooking up a Miracast with an HDMI connection.

Be aware that a cheap cable that might be working with JUST video on your TV might produce effects such as

  • Snow
  • Blinking
  • Sound Dropping

This is not the fault of your Miracast or your Intel Widi adapter.  It’s the fault of the HDMI cable you thought were “oh So Smart” and bought at the local “Buck A Roo”, “CheapOHeaven” or found buried in the box of cat litter as a treasure.

Easy answer to that, BUY A NEW CABLE!


I have done this in ALL CAPS so nobody ELSE did the dumb stupid thing I did like say…. oh… I don’t know… IGNORING THE RTFM?

Once updated, the Push2TV gave me Miracast…. which has now given me a connection to my now happier 24” monitor.

…which means my Dell Venue 8 Pro is now a “real PC”

Now my next task…. see if I can find a powered USB hub to connect to my Dell Venue 8 Pro via Bluetooth.