We had some fun today at work.   Somebody tried to help somebody else out, then somebody asked somebody ELSE to try and undo to help out… then it all went wrong.

*I* was the somebody else and the problem (Pretty simple NOW that I’ve got it figured out) was they needed to have the Audio for their headset temporarily disabled to allow a different device to default for output (long story, different blog post)

So my friend who tried to help out (NAMES BLOCKED OUT TO PROTECT MY EMPLOYEE REVIEW) went down to the PC in question, and entered the Sound Control panel in Windows 8.1 and marked the device as Disabled.



So a few weeks later, poor hapless little Sean walks over to enable the Device only to see this.


…it’s not there to disable.   So in the meantime I have gone to Device Manager (Yes, yes… you in the back.  I COMPLETELY overlooked the option in the picture above that said “Show Disabled Devices”, but if I HAD you wouldn’t get to read this nifty Blog post would you?

Now where was I… OH YES! The Device Manager.   I gone it and “Found” the trouble making device by clicking on “View, Show Hidden Devices” under Device Manager.  


“Why I know what I’ll do!  I’ll just UNINSTALL the suspect device, unplug the USB cable, plug it back in and BOB’S YOUR UNCLE, DONE!”


But guess what (the reason you’re reading this) it wouldn’t redetect.    This of course released a torrent of magic words.

Turns out if I dug a little further there was a Parent entry under the “Sound, video and game controllers” entry marked as “Jabra Pro 9470”.  I uninstalled THAT, unplugged and replugged in the USB cable (and somehow maybe sacrificed a few helpless CD’s to the Demo gods) and then suddenly.


…all fixed!

Of course this was to fix what *I* broke.   The actual answer would have been to “Show Disabled Devices” under the Sound Control panel and simply click on “Enable”.


I have only word thing to say about THAT.