First off, to Microsoft and the Community.  Thank you. It happened. It ACTUALLY Happened.  As Sally Field said once, “You Like me, you REALLY REALLY LIke me!”

That most wonderful of emails finally arrived in my email  box.

Dear Sean Kearney,

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2014 Microsoft® MVP Award!

I have to pause and realize where was I a little over 5 years ago?  The last 5 seems to have flown right by.   I have to think to myself “How did I ever get here?”.  So many memories fly by like a blur.

It only seems a short span in my history, but it was about seven years ago, where I wrote an email and sending it Microsoft Canada.  The next suddenly having it posted online in an entry called “Confessions of a Computer Geek”.  Meeting all the people at Microsoft Canada, MVP’s, Community Influencers, the President of Microosft. Canada.   Somehow this spawned into Being a Friday Funny Guy, writing Highway to PowerShell.


…and eventually finally Presenting for my first time ever, a result of the courage I gained from all that silliness of not being afraid to be myself and take chances.   My first time ever presenting a being rated as one of the Top presenters at Techdays Canada.

So many people I’ve met since then I’ve lost count.   People I considered heroes are now my friends.  I’m still have to shake my head and realize I email the one and only Scripting Guy on a quasi daily basis.


I can’t believe to this day I wrote HOLIDAY SPECIALS about Windows PowerShell, and am looking forward to writing a fifth one this year.  That when I look at my Name is ACTUALLY a Hyperlink on the side!


I try to recollect what has happened.  I still remember presenting at Techdays Canada over three years and as well the first ever PowerShell Deep Dive in Las Vegas and even TechEd itself.

Shaking hands with all the members of the PowerShell team, seeing Jeffrey Snover in his funky brown Vibram shoes, being encouraged by Ken Hansen to “Release the Kraken” live in front of an unsuspecting crowd. 

Shouting “CA-NA-DA” with Mitch Garvis and Corey Fowler at my first ever MVP Summit.  Standing amongst the infamous “Sea of Red” of Canadian MVPs.


Getting a room full of MVP’s and PowerShell enthusiasts to wish Hal Rottenberg Happy Birthday, Singing Highway to PowerShell with a group of MVP’s.  

Making that long Move to Ottawa, joining Cistel Technology inc, and hanging out with Team Cistel after we finished TechEd North America.


Seeing the Microsoft Head Office for the first time ever with Ragnar Harper as he helped me cross over the campus, getting interviewed by Dmitri Sotnikov.

Becoming and Honorary Scripting Guy, Being encouraged by the Scripting Guy to climb up on my tipppppy tipppppy toes and autograph the MVP plaque at TechEd Europe.   Hanging OUT with the Scripting Guy and Scripting Wife for the day in Toronto!


Finally at the most recent MVP summit I was shocked and delighted and VERY honored to hear I was LITERALLY hanging about at the Microsoft Campus all the time!  My face was actually one of the OFFICIAL MVP Banners for Summit! I was floored!   I also dressed up as Clippy, our long lost Office friend.


So many memories cross my mind, so many more I hope to achieve.  All this from a little guy who just one day decided to start believing in himself and dreaming a little more.   A person no different than you.

t his singing voice is REEEAAALLLY Bad Winking smile

Over the 5 years as a Windows PowerShell MVP,  I have been honored to have been held amongst such esteemed company. 

I’ve learned so much about using PowerShell and the people behind it and yet there is still no much more to learn.

I can only hope to continue down the path I have been on and be honored to be standing amongst you again in another 5 years stating “I have been granted the honor to be a Windows PowerShell MVP”

But even if that day were to never happen, I am ecstatically happy today and smiling from EAR to EAR.   “Releasing the Kraken”