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One of the coolest new features for Administrators introduced in PowerShell 4.0 is Desired State Configuration. Imagine having the power to POINT to a server and say “Thou shalt always looketh this way and if thy go funky, I shall fixeth thee!”.

Or how about even a simple way of setting up a lab using only the Free Hyper-V server 2012 R2 environment?  Even a method to hand a standard template to a Developer to allow them to spin up their own Virtual Web Server matching the current production one?

This is the raw and power of Desired State Configuration and it’s as easy as leaning back in your chair.

Sit down a spell (but please don’t lean back too far, you might fall over) while the basics of DSC are put in your head from The only PowerShell MVP ever barred from RedBull at an event, Sean the Energized Tech.

Step on in and check it out for yourself!

Bring yourself, bring your friend and Bring your Questions!


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The Meeting will be held on May 22nd 2014 at the Microsoft Office, Downtown Ottawa.

Meeting time is at 5:30 pm, Presentations being at 6:00pm

Pizza and Pop will be served.

100 Queen Street,
Suite 500
Ottawa, ON
K1P 1J9

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 Sean Kearney (Honorary Scripting Guy)'s avatar

Bio – Sean Kearney, Cistel Technology Inc.

Sean Kearney is a Senior Solutions Architect at the Advanced Microsoft Solutions team at Cistel Technology Inc. He lives in the world of Automation leveraging technologies such as System Center 2012 Orchestrator and will break out into song when the word “PowerShell” is even mumbled in the area.   He has recently presented at both TechEd in North America and Europe.

Also he has contributed three Unique Holiday Specials about PowerShell to Microsoft, is an Honorary Scripting Guy who regularly contributes to www.scriptingguys.com on Technet and is also a Charter Member of the Springboard Technical Experts Program. 

Rumor has it he is trying build a T.A.R.D.I.S. Out of dishwasher parts and old Commodore Vic 20 Datasettes.

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