Let’s start with we’re not even going to discuss why Surface Pro cracked after falling from the COUCH to the SOFT CARPETED floor.   That is a discussion best left up to the Universe to explain to me when I awoke from a nap to find my Surface Pro in a rather, shall we say “Crackled appearance”.  

Yes, to my good friends at Microsoft, I “Claused” my Surface Pro.


I have moved from that point.  As an ITPro I decided, since everything else works.  CAN THIS BE FIXED?

Cost is an immediate consideration.  If the cost of the part outweighs the cost of the unit then the immediate answer is no.

But if I can remove the damaged piece and make this i5 unit useful, well that’s a different story! (As an aside, the part is about $200+/- on Ebay, so yes, it WILL be fixed)

So first do a little Binging online and see what is required.    Each online source says “Heat Gun and Guitar Picks” which is a fancy way of stating “There’s glue under that thar screen, heat it and separate it.”

So that’s fine.  But how to initially get it started?

I found this great video online which showed everything I needed to know to separate and REPLACE when I got a new screen (Note:  Zoom in on Full screen to grab the brand of Double sided tape from 3m – It appears to be 300LSE, an industrial tape but I don’t see the thickness)

But I was rather limited on tools.   But I Did have

A HairDryer


A Pointy Razor for Cutting things


And a Butter knife!


So following the instructions I began on the corner and softened up the glue with the hair dryer.  And yes it REALLY IS a BIG ASS Hunk of special double sided tape holding the Surface,SurfaceRT,Surface 2,Surface Pro 2 and Surface LTE together.  Good to know!

With the pointy end of the Sharp razor I began working my way on the Top corners across.   As I got some space, I gently nudged in the butter knife to keep it separated (I hear a song somewhere now…. Off Springs my mind again!)

Don’t get too eager and don’t force the blade too much.  It takes a while and if you force it you’ll shatter the Digitizer even more (Odds are, you didn’t break the Display Screen, you broke the Digitizer on top).  You don’t need more broken glass (or Gorilla Glass in this case) laying about the place.

Little by little across the top and working down the left and right hand side you’ll get to see air exposed.     You can GENTLY knick off some of the exposed tape to ease up on the pressure of the screen.  Ideally if you get the top open and the two sides freed up, you can pivot on the bottom (with the Windows Logo) and just lift up.

Follow the instructions on the video for removing the ribbon cables.  The Surface Pro matches the Pro 2 internally for the layout.  (At this point since the Surface 2 has the same resolution as the Pro, that little voice said “Hey perhaps if you stole your wife’s new Surface 2 and….”

…. at which point I swatted that little voice across the mouth before @Mrsenergized heard!  Theory is fun, but making your wife angry by disassembling her computer to prove a point is NOT fun shall we say.

But I am happy to say I have my Pro with the display as least removed.  Until I get a new display on Ebay (with the Digitizer).  I’m going to play and see how functional my Pro still is.  In theory, I have only unplugged a display and an ALTERNATE input driver.  It’s still Windows 8.1 so I should be able to play with it as a good i5 Desktop Pc Smile


Remember as they sang in Monty Python’s the Life of Brian, “Always look on the Bright Side of Life!” and have a little fun.