“The Best things in Life are free….”

Yeah the Beatles said that and I’m saying it again.    Here’s some online resources that won’t cost you anything except for a little bit of time.

The first is an online Contest at Microsoft called “Crack the Cloud”

What does it involve?  Sign up, download some trial software and take it for a spin.  And yes…. you could actually Win something doing it!



Coming up next is the opportunity to take Windows Azure for a spin.  One (1) Month online and up to $220 to spend on everything from Virtual Machines, SQL Databases and Active Directory.

Windows Azure Free One Month Trial

But wait, as the man said; There’s more!  Free Virtualization training is being offered online from Microsoft as well.   Just a click of the mouse and the Power is in your Pocket to empower your Wallet.

Sign up for Free Online Training in Virtualization

All of these are available for you to choose,  Take one, Take two…. oh be GREEDY and take them all!

The benefits are in front of your right now.