Hello Mr. Ballmer.   Please take a few minutes to listen, I am one of 6,000+ supporting a petition

My name is Sean Kearney.   I am presently a Windows Powershell MVP and a Charter Member of the Springboard Technical Experts Program.   I am gainfully employed with a Microsoft Gold Partner and have been working happily in the IT Field for well over 15+ years.

I am where I am today because I am damned good at what I do but also because of Microsoft and how it enabled my Career.

At one point, I was not.   I was just a guy with a few dollars here and there and was desperate for resources.

At one point I gained access to the most amazing resource ever provided by Microsoft Corporation to the IT Professional, it is called Technet.   Part of Technet was the ability to download Fully functioning non  time bombed versions of your software.   

It wasn’t simply the ability to Install Server 2000 or SQL 2005 that made the Software downloads useful.  It was the ability to leverage these products in the SAME fashion as when I moved into larger production environments.   I held in my hands the knowledge of what I had to do to keep these systems operational was IDENTICAL to what Microsoft

Many people such as myself benefitted on a huge level because of this feature.   It enabled us in our careers when we couldn’t afford to buy the full version of Server environments.    It provided us access to the media so desperately needed to build pseudo datacenters and Small Businesses.

As it stands, someone in Microsoft has decided to cancel this benefit.  I do not know who and I am not pointing fingers. 

Although I personally will not lose out with Technet’s cancellation, my concern is for the future “Sean’s” out there.   Those future supporters of Microsoft technology, those external Evangelists who will learn from it’s use and praise Microsoft to their customers.   They won’t have that resource.

The present alternatives to Technet Software Subscription downloads are

“Microsoft Action Pak” – $299 – A decent alternative but lacking in many of the available software options we had in Technet

“MSDN Operating Systems” – $699 – Far more costly than Technet Subscriptions with far fewer features available.

180 day Trial software – Free but the media is NOT the same and will not always Break the same way as production environments.

I understand in the modern day, there is a need to cut costs.   To keep systems streamlined.   To trim the fat from a large corporation.  I completely feel for what Microsoft needs to do.

But the future IT Professionals, and possibly even people like myself who may fall on hard times if things change in our lives need a cost effective solution like the Technet Software downloads. 

Maybe something leveraging Azure as a solution?   Something in house so Microsoft could control it’s use?  Possibly even just merging under the MSDN line so there is only one point of subscriptions and staffing required to manage them?   An expanded Action Pak?

I’m not certain on the “Best” solution myself.    But there is an online petition that has over 6,448 digital signatures of IT Professionals who feel as strongly as I do.  We are SUPPORTERS of Microsoft.  We are as PASSIONATE about the Products as you are.   We want to see YOU SUCCEED.

But in order for that to happen, we need to be able to succeed with your product as well.  

Please reconsider on cancelling the Technet Subscription, or provide us with a cost effective Alternative.

Sean P. Kearney

MCTS, MCSE, MVP Windows PowerShell
Charter Member SpringBoard Technical Experts Program
Honorary Scripting Guy on Technet
Proud supporter of Microsoft

Formerly a person who used to get by working at Fast food Restaurants, Data Entry Work and even deliveries… All that changed for the better because of Microsoft and Technet

….and I know I can’t be the only one…