Was banging my head on the desk for a few minutes.  Had to deploy a Sharp Imagerunner that kept coughing up a mystery code like this on the Job Log screen.


Job Code #860 which when you research online says “Oh Gee! You have a paper Jam” or “Oh Gee! You’re obviously printing to transparency paper and it doesn’t exist here!”

The problem?  I had chosen a PCL6 driver when the printer needed to run Postscript.  Yes my own fault.   Load the proper driver and it worked immediately (You can see the “OK” when it worked)

Now Sharp get’s a swat on the head tho.  If you print to a SHARP printer with the wrong SHARP driver it should cough up a better error code. 

I don’t know, how about “WRONG PRINTER DRIVER”

Live and learn Smile with tongue out