It’s the Holiday Season at our consoles and just what does that mean?

Another year of Powershell and Automation merriment and another installment in the 3rd installment of Powershell holiday stories!

In 2010 we brought you the tale of frumpy old Mr. Script as he learned how to shed his hatred of scripting and love automation again in “A Powershell Carol”

Then in 2011 the season brought to the surface a wonderful story of a man who learned the ways of Powershell from the Blues in Blueville INC. in “How Mr. Finch Learned Scripting”

Now in 2012, for the first time EVER presented in VIVID CONSOLE COLORS….

…a timeless classic… A TEAR JERKER… a story of an ITPRO who has just HAD IT with their job

The wonder of his friendly Developer friend

And a little cricket in….


Watch for full details

Of course it wouldn’t be the Holiday Season without a little off key singing by the EnergizedTech J

We introduce to you….“Deck the Halls With Cmdlets

Happy Holidays!
Sean – the EnergizedTech