Is this something I’ve said before? Probably, and for good reason.

Powershell is many things to many people. An easier way to extend .NET applications to Infrastructure. A system which enables the ITPro to aid his Developer friend by building the tools they need.

It is a scripting AND Managment console. It’s a piece of software that can interact, work and be used by legacy systems.

It’s a big box of digital Lego blocks and Mechano all in one!

This weekend I had to help a friend out from Around the Clock I.T. Solutions. The client wanted to Power ON every computer at a certain time to ensure updates occurred.

"How long would that take to go setup?"

I smiled and replied "About 15 minutes, that’ a Powershell script"

So poking online I found the script written by "The Powershell Guy" Marcus Van Orsow, to trigger a Wake on Lan with the Mac Address. Next was to pull down another cool script from “The Admin Guy” to parse DHCP data from Netsh.

With some minor changes I had it pulling the MAC address and outputting to an object.

With these two scripts and very little additional effort I now have a Wake on Lan SOLUTION I can use ANYWHERE!

All thanks to the Power of Powershell.

This is why I Love Powershell. When you NEED to produce those last minute needed solutions, it’s simple to build and modify other scripts to meet your needs.

Oh yeah, I’m feeling it.

THE pOwer of Shell 🙂