Now listen clearly.  This is NOT a hack.  It’s meant to do this. 

I can also hear a few people (ok, MORE than a few, a LOT) screaming “WHY?! WHY?!? WHYYYY????!??!!!!”

Just cuz.  I was curious if it could work and to what degree.

So here we have a lovely little Domain on an NT4 server called “CONTOSO”, leftover from my previous session of pulling users out. 

I wanted to see just what it would take.

Process is simple actually.

Bind to the Domain

Create a user object

Populate the necessary fields

Set it in stone

Now if there are any small children watching this?  BACK AWAY!  I am working with a VERY old and INSECURE system that might just Blue Screen and eat something.

Bind to the Domain while logged as an account with Domain Admin rights


Create the User Object

$NEWUser=$NTDomain.psbase.Children.add(“John Smith”,”user”)

Populate the necessary fields


$NewUser.Put(“Description”,”Our Standard Generic User”)

Set it in stone


Yes.  It works.  It follows the exact same principals and rules when creating and modifying local machine accounts and groups in Windows 7.

I’m not quite sure where this is actually USEFUL but it was fun messing about Smile

The Power of Shell took me over!

The Energized Tech