Ran across an interesting one today.

In versions of Outlook connecting to a Microsoft Exchange server you may not see the "Recover Deleted Items" for what is referred to as "Hard Deleted".   (Items which are only recoverable from the Exchange Server Database)

This is normal.   And you’ll do a Bing online (No I don’t use the "G" word, it feels…. dirty 😉 ) and find you need to create a DWORD Registry entry called "DumpsterAlwaysOn" under with a value set to 1 under


Now I swear, I have dont this a kajillion zillion times and this has ALWAYS WORKED.  ALWAYS! (No really, that many times!  I swear!)

…..UNTIL TODAY! (Cue Dramatic Music – Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuhhhhhh!!!!!!)

Today the "you know who" gods who staring down with miscievous evil grins as I entered it and couldn’t get it to work in Outlook 2010.   I was dumbfounded.

I restarted the application, terminated communicator and restarted the application, rebooted the computer, quintuple checked my spelling and was about to place my finger through the display until I realized something small.  Something SO important it was missed.

I was running the 32 bit version of Outlook on the 64 bit version of Windows 7.  Which meant I was running the 32 bit version of MAPI.

"DOH!" I screamed in the middle of the office as I remembered to navigate to the MOST important key for 32bit applications on a 64bit Windows platform.


So I found it’s twin.   The actual key that SHOULD have been edited since a 32 bit on 64 bit platform runs on Wow mode (Windows on Windows) and quickly added the key under


It of course immediately worked afterwards.   My co workers quickly breathed a sigh of relief as we picked up all the sheetrock that fell down with my "Doh!"

Just remember the magic words from Douglas Adams when problems happen.

"Don’t Panic"

The Energized Tech