Well I will say this.   The Powershell people appear to be the kindest, sweetest, gentlest, quietest people ever.  They wouldn’t hurt a fly.   Such a calm and docile bunch…


I say they “Appear” this way.   That is until they are placed at Greek place for Dinner.    Then I actually saw them do it.   I witnessed them “Release the Kraken”.

It started out all quite calm and innocent.   Ed Wilson flashing the Powershell logo with his fingers.   Some quiet chatting amongst the table.   A serene dance on the Dinner table by Jeffrey Snover…

I think it’s about then the Powershell people broke free.

First it was a small paper napkin tossed playfully hear and there, next a pile, followed by boxloads of napkins fired off left and right by shouts of “OPA!”.   Jeffrey Snover hidiing behind a bucket of beers!AvTy--sCIAIseqj

Then it got a little crazy.

I am told over and over and over again.   That although there was “DANCING” and it occurred upon a “TABLE” it does NOT Qualify as “Table Dancing”.  Somehow I don’t quite understand the difference.   All I can remember is the aftermath.   Being chased down by a vicious Belly Dancer, watching people forced to “Shake it” in a massive line up.   Being attacked by massive cartons of paper.

We have a new #powershell cmdlet . GET-OPA ! #msteched #techedfun #alexandaircanDANCEAvT7FX-CAAAmqWWAvUMIkyCAAAyrZk

All I can say is the aftermath of it is was …. Well a rather nasty “paper trail”.


#powershell people, paper napkins and a Greek restaurant are a scary combination #mstechef #techedfun #opa

Powershell.  it makes people WAY too efficient are far too likely to be itching for something to do Smile