GET-OPA !–The #Powershell Party at #msteched 2012 #techedfun

Well I will say this.   The Powershell people appear to be the kindest, sweetest, gentlest, quietest people ever.  They wouldn’t hurt a fly.   Such a calm and docile bunch…


I say they “Appear” this way.   That is until they are placed at Greek place for Dinner.    Then I actually saw them do it.   I witnessed them “Release the Kraken”.

It started out all quite calm and innocent.   Ed Wilson flashing the Powershell logo with his fingers.   Some quiet chatting amongst the table.   A serene dance on the Dinner table by Jeffrey Snover…

I think it’s about then the Powershell people broke free.

First it was a small paper napkin tossed playfully hear and there, next a pile, followed by boxloads of napkins fired off left and right by shouts of “OPA!”.   Jeffrey Snover hidiing behind a bucket of beers!AvTy--sCIAIseqj

Then it got a little crazy.

I am told over and over and over again.   That although there was “DANCING” and it occurred upon a “TABLE” it does NOT Qualify as “Table Dancing”.  Somehow I don’t quite understand the difference.   All I can remember is the aftermath.   Being chased down by a vicious Belly Dancer, watching people forced to “Shake it” in a massive line up.   Being attacked by massive cartons of paper.

We have a new #powershell cmdlet . GET-OPA ! #msteched #techedfun #alexandaircanDANCEAvT7FX-CAAAmqWWAvUMIkyCAAAyrZk

All I can say is the aftermath of it is was …. Well a rather nasty “paper trail”.


#powershell people, paper napkins and a Greek restaurant are a scary combination #mstechef #techedfun #opa

Powershell.  it makes people WAY too efficient are far too likely to be itching for something to do Smile

Microsoft Teched 2012–Feed the Brainz!

I’m sitting down for a moment now.   The past two days have been a blur between vendors, contacts, TAMS, people from the community and the occasional little thing going on at night.  (Rumor has it, Teched attendees are just a little bit lively… No really. Geeks DO know how to cut loose and THEN some)

I’m actually pausing for the first time.    The last two days it’s been a combination of engaging others, booth time, joining the Twitter Army and supporting my friend Mitch Garvis at speaker Idol, fighting battery power (my own fault, take note to self… Plug the darn thing in Winking smile ) and a notification late last night that a young one is on the way and I’m about to become a Grandfather.

Yes, this Teched will stick in my brain for life and for all the best reasons.   Because I am now willing to stand up and be myself and be willing to engage.  

My mantra is “Oh… what the heck, I can always say I tried”

There was once a point in my life, a very short time ago in fact where I was terrified to engage people.  (No really, this overly enthusiastic Tech would hide in a corner if you found a Microphone and asked him to talk)

There was a very real point where I looked at the people of Microsoft and the IT community in general as “Uber gods” and was actually afraid to say something lest I come off looking like an idiot.

This year, with most of that behind me I have found myself truly enjoying Teched on a higher level.  More willing to leap out for joy at changes I have found astounding, more unwilling to hold back on the beauty of a new release.

…and yes, during THE keynote when they mentioned the explosion of the abundance of new PowerShell cmdlets available in Windows Server 2012, a loud and unrestrained “w00t!” heard throughout the auditorium.  Possibly recorded too.  Oh well Smile

But this is a Teched I will remember for the rest of my days.   What is sticking in my head are the cutting edge offerings Microsoft is placing before us.   Failover Clusters that can operate without the need of SAN, VHD Replication for Hyper-V to enhance the BCP for a company.   Security through Server Core with the ability to enable the GUI if necessary.   

All around as well, see community worldwide roaming about me seeking and gaining answers and forming possible new options to change their tomorrows.   Fellow bloggers gathering as one.

…and yes, one big massive twitter Army.   This is a unique year for me at Teched.

So if you haven’t considered it, go to Teched at least once.   It’s an amalgamation of Technology, Community, Training and Celebration… and a week to geek out.

the Energized Tech