And the summit began.   A normal flight after massive warnings of some crazy snow storm across Ontario I got lucky and NOTHING.  Yet my poor roommate Cory “SyntaxC4” got stuck with some Air Canada Hell for 28 hours.   Bummer.

First day in was Saturday and an opportunity for MVP’s worldwide to give back through www.geekgive.org .   Over 50+ people pulled together bagging food for Northwest Harvest in Seattle Washington.   The Passion and Energy flowed from them all in a massive stream.   7500 pounds of beans bagged in one hour.   All available product was done, and far faster than expected.



Then forward we had a gap in time where I spent the day learning about Seattle with fellow Powershell MVP’s Bartek Bierslawski, Shane Hoey and Azure MVP Cory Fowler.   We had an interesting tour of the lost underground city in Seattle, Washington after a run on the Monorail.    As a tribute to the coffee gods, we had to visit the original Starbucks in Pike’s Place Market of course.  (All praise the coffee gods…)


Then of course it all started to roll in,  the content the information the……. “RESPECT THE NDA! RESPECT THE NDA!” *klik*

A good part of this I cannot share, but I CAN share a few things I learned outside of technical stuff you’re not allowed to hear Winking smile

Getting your friends together for a Karaoke session can be a great idea, perfect example of community.

The Highway to Powershell–Live at MVP Summit 2012–Dr. Scripto and the Cmdlets

Unlocked Cell Phones are a potential for Great amusement

When armed with large Brass Instruments Microsofties TRULY Release their passions and ROCK the Joint! (By the way, TROMBONES ROCK!)


At Microsoft they sell a PROPER size coffee cup!


…and bringing a group of people from different countries, religions, races and creeds can be one of the most inspirational events you will ever encounter


And of course NEVER EVER leave an unattended photobooth around with Powershell MVPs on the loose…



Yes…. Summit was a time to learn both technical know how and grow more as people and a community.   I will never forget the 2012 Summit for the rest of my days.  Thanks for the opportunity Microsoft. Smile

The Energized Tech