Yes the blog has been quiet but not for bad reasons.  I’ll keep you updated on some things in my life.

Work has been…. for lack of any other word…. BUSY!

But what job isn’t?  It Professionals know that we have slow times and busy times.  Our consolation we can always keep in mind is that “If I was bad at the job I’d have better and shorter hours, so we must be doing something right”

So I’m in a busy point right now along with writing some new material for “Hey Scripting Guy” for the Holiday season along with a new series for December for Canadian IT Professionals called “Powershell on the Way to Work”.  It’s intended for the IT Professional that is only comfortable with the GUI and needs to know the REAL basics on Powershell.

The series on www.scriptingguys.com is from December 19th to December 23rd called “How Mr. Finch Learned Scripting”.   The Series on CanITPro is from Dec 12th to Dec 22nd.

There’s also this fun little sing-a-long whipped together for www.scriptingguys.com series called “The Scripting Song”

December 19th to December 23rd–www.scriptingguys.com

Plus something else popped along.   A book.

I can’t reveal any of the details other than it IS Powershell related and that I am writing it.    It will take time and effort, but nothing worth doing ever took a short time to do.  Smile

I have this one song stuck in my head because of it.   Karl Prosser keeps saying I should re-write it as “I’m writing a script, I’m writing a script” but for me I keep thinking “I’m writing a book, I’m writing a book”

Well I’ll be putting together more in the new year, asking Santa Claus if Mr. Ballmer could bring me in and generally diving into more Powershell.  You DID all hear that CTP2 (Community Technology Preview) of the Windows Management Framework 3.0 is available right?  If you haven’t it’s the coolest Christmas present ever Smile

I’ll see you all in 2012!  I can sense somehow this will be an amazing year for all of us Smile

The Energized Tech