Did you hear that?  The rumbling, the pounding of the feet, like a wild Moose running free.  The Greatest event in Canada has Returned!

Here is YOUR opportunity to save approximately 50% on the Registration!


Just go online and … SHHHHHHHHHH…… It’s a SECRET

Go to www.techdays.ca

“Did you say WWW.TECHDAYS.CA ?!”

Yes and Shhh… don’t tell anyone… and type in the secret word


I wasn’t finished saying… the secret Promo code which is TD2011MVP…

Blue Man-learn

Did you SAY the SECRET PROMO CODE was TD2011MVP ??!!”

Yes … yes I did…. shhhhh don’t be so loud, otherwise everybody will know they can get into www.Techdays.ca for only $399.99.

“WHAT? ONLY $399.99 and all I have to do is go to www.techdays.ca with the Promo Code of TD2011MVP?  I can get in for only $399.99? W0000000t!!”


Well I guess everybody knows now.   So if you happen here my loud friend here, you could take advantage of the Promo code too.  Register anytime up til and including the date of attending for only $399.99.

That right’s folks! Techdays have returned to bring us to the next level!

Techdays. Because there’s always more to learn… Smile