Here was fun.  I’ve gotten my hands on some decent server hardware that had some caveats.

No DVD or ability to BOOT from DVD

No USB Booting ability


CPU was x64 capable

So in this scenario, normally you would scrap using Server 2008R2 or Server 2008 x64 because the media only exists on DVD format.  The alternate is to boot from USB but since the server can’t do that, forget it.


But if you have Windows Deployment Server at your finger tips and MDT 2010 none of this is a problem. Just create that image and awaaaaay you go.

“But Sean, what happens if it breaks?  I’m stuck right?”

Funny thing is … NO.

I was playing this weekend and if you learn how to build a standalone WinRE x64 or have access the DART and can build THAT image, the both fit on a Standard CDrom, with room to spare (which many older x64 servers DO in fact have, Cdroms)

I know this because my test environment was running off an older Dell server which (as my coworker would say) “Hacked up a hairball”, I lost my Domain (Yes, I was building new and hadn’t added my secondary and tertiary DC’s)

So to resolve this, I created a WinRE Cdrom from my x64 Windows 7 and repaired the environment from that.

Ok…. for production maybe NOT a GOOD idea (or maybe it is?  Trying to extend the budget on some older equipment?  Repurpose it as an RODC?)

Just food for thought.   But all of this was possible thanks for MDT (Free) and WDS (Just a free role in the Server 2008R2)


This blog post brought to you by the letter “M”

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