When I started bugging Microsoft and sending them posts for “Hey Scripting Guy” I figured a large army of Steve Ballmers would come day and take my keyboard away with a big warning of “Stop spamming us!  We all know about you and “The Number of the Email Beast” so cut it out.    


Then I caught an email from none other than Ed “Hey Scripting Guy” himself announcing five people granted the title of “Honorary Scripting Guy” for our contributions to the site, the community and I think (pretty certain of this) as some kind of appeasement to stop me from spamming Microsoft for a few days Winking smile

I kid about of course.  Ed’s a great guy but this announcement threw me for a loop.   I had just finished my LiveMeeting presentation for TechEd 2011 Australia when Ed took the stage (or the LiveMeeting in this case) and let forth the announcement of the first ever “Honorary Scripting Guys”.

I though the Title alone was cool, I was blushing when I heard too.  Then I heard the other four names.   Don Jones, Trevor Sullivan, Tome Tanasovski and James Brundage.   

I stood there looking at the page.  I smiled. “Honorary Scripting Guy”.

This feels cool.   Almost as if I actually work for Microsoft.  

Now I can’t wait for the next time Ed announces some new ones.  I can’t wait to see names of people who are my peers and heroes on this list.

Today I am honored to be in the first five, hopefully amongst many others.  So glad I stepped out and took a chance.

By the way, a special thanks to everybody at Microsoft and MVP’s alike.   The reason this happened was thanks to community encouragement.    An especially large thanks to the DPE team and Microsoft Canada who encouraged me to step out of my shell.   If they hadn’t encouraged me and allowed me to be “The Friday Funny Guy” I’m not sure I would have had the courage to do what I do today.

Kudos to Ed “Scripting Guy” Wilson and “Scripting Wife”

PS.  “Sorry about the singing” Winking smile

”The Energized Tech”
Member of Springboard Technical Experts Program
Honorary Scripting Guy on Technet