Ok, the worst case scenario ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

You lost power in the Data center.

But you didn’t panic.   You made A/D was online, you ran the cluster validation wizard and brought everything back online like Superman.

Then the Offsite backup kicks in on DPM and it refuses to backup certain resources.   You end up scratching your Head,  going mad in the Newsgroups.

Why you’ve even considered offering up that secret bottle of 20 year old scotch to the Computer gods if only they would solve this for you.

Well here’s what I found out.  DPM does NOT like ANYTHING getting changed on it.   Well would you?

Sometimes if things don’t shutdown very nicely (especially in a Cluster) the Validation wizard tries to help you and fixes them when it comes back online.   It my case the nodes that used to be called

SCVMM Servername Resources

now came up like this

SCVMM Servername

Then when I poked deeper I found inside the Cluster these same Virtual Servers in Hyper-v (in the Cluster) had their name changed from

SCVMM Servername


Virtual Machine Servername

and now the icing on the cake

the Configuration part no longer said

SCVMM Servername Configuration


Virtual Machine Configuration Servername

So the REASON DPM is no longer happy with these suspect Services in the Cluster is simply because their name and signatures changed from the recovery of the Cluster.

So the Fix?

The one I figured out was easier than I imagined.  Just remove the resource it’s backup configuration in DPM and re-add it.   Sort of like “Rejoining a Domain” .  The link broke, so the fix is to just severe it and put it back in.

Once I did this my issue was resolved IMMEDIATELY.  Hopefully this helps somebody else out there Smile

Cheers and remember to take it easy out there, We’re all cheering for you.

The Energized Tech