Apparently the Powers that Be have decided I should be uncaged once in a while.

On  June 3rd 2011 If you tune in to “Technet Talk Radio” there will be a *LIVE* webcast.

Yep, they’re going to let l’il ol’ me near a Microphone and an unprotected computer.   Check it out, who knows how this will turn out !

Click on HERE to Register for this FREE Webcast

Also happening on “Hey Scripting Guy” for an ENTIRE WEEK starting June 6th 2011 all the way to (and including) June 12th 2011 are 7 COMPLETE Posts from myself based upon Windows Powershell and how YOU can leverage Windows Powershell in Legacy environments as well as a little fun on  Sunday.

Check it out, you might learn something, you might have a little fun

You might just get a little “ENERGIZED”