Here’s a quick one.  Your data center lost ALL power.  Everything was drained off the battery from an extended outage.

Things boot up except one problem.  The cluster is completely offline!

But in a Server 2008 / 2008R2 cluster you could just be ok.  Check of course to ensure your connections to the iSCSI are good.   Don’t worry if you find nothing starts.  DON’T PRESS THE FORCE START CLUSTER options

Seriously don’t.  This (as the option will warn you) can BREAK the Cluster and cause a loss of configuration.

Just do the less obvious option.  Validate the Cluster.   Just literally do like you did originally.    Give it the names of the servers in the Cluster in the Validation wizard.  Even if you miss one it will check AD and populate the rest.   Don’t worry about the initial warnings and just do the basic tests.

Should take a few minutes after which you MAY well find you HAVE the Cluster back with all it’s resources.

You still might be into some cleanup, Reattaching this, bringing that online (or maybe not)

But odds are you didn’t lose it all.  Just keep your wits about you and keep it cool. Smile

”The Energized Tech”