Just a quick one I was playing with this morning.  I’ve got a used Dell server to play with in the basement.  Has a BMC but no iDrac.   But I want to be able to manage this server.  For that you would normally install the Dell Open Manage Server Administrator on the computer.  

But I’ll bet you did the same thing I initially did.  Ran the executable and got this vicious evil error.


You looked at the DVD in disbelief. “How DARE you not bow down to my wishes…” and you started digging.  Deeper into the actual SYSMGMT folder on the disk until you found the folder marked “Windows” under SRVAdmin.  “AHA!” that little voice popped up.  “I’ve got you now!” as you quickly typed in setup.exe with an evil maniacal grin

It of course responded with


You jump up and down like a madman. “No! NO! NO! NO! This is not permitted!” But then it dawns on you.  Perhaps it is simply setup.exe that is unhappy.  Most modern day applications are usually calling up the Windows Installer anyhow.  So you try each of the sub folders.   The folder called  “SystemsManagement” seems an obvious choice to look at.   Within there is one single MSI file.  “Give ‘er a shot!”

Voila ! It works!  The standard installer kicks in as normal!  You dance about with joy and glee!

Moments later you go to access it remotely from another server


Clik clik clik…. Nothing.. Not a sausage.   Perhaps it failed? 

Or perhaps the installer component that would have opened the firewall port never executed.    So an easy solution.   Fire up MMC.EXE, Add a Snapin for Windows Firewall and specify “Another computer” (the other computer being your Server Core box) and simply allow inbound UDP traffic on port 1311 to your remote server.

Moments later you’ll see that old familiar screen when you try logging in again.  Life is good.   And you’re locked down securely in Core.    I haven’t tried this with the free Hyper-V Server 2008R2 but I’m willing to bet there’s nothing there to stop it from running either Smile

There.  It worked.  Never tell a tech it can’t be done! Smile with tongue out