Please note, this is not perfect.  I’ll take comments on how we can get this polished up and improved Smile

But my hope here is that there are enough “nuggets” that almost any tech could at least pick up MDT and get themselves running for at minimal an LTI installation or a NEAR ZTI install

It’s in my own words, I’m not a writer, I’m just an Energized Tech who loves to help out.  If this is any way helpful to you?  Pass it along.  “Share and enjoy”

Just don’t go near any “Nutrimatic Dispensers” when you “Share and Enjoy”


Part 1 – Installing MDT 2010 on your computer

Part 2 – Creating A Deployment Share

Part 3 – Importing an Operating System

Part 4 – Importing Applications

Part 5 – Silent Install of Applications – tips and tricks

Part 6 – Creating a Silent Office Installation

Part 7 – Importing Updates and Packages

Part 8 – Importing Drivers and staying organized

Part 9 – Creating Dependencies in Applications and Updates

Part 10 – Creating a Task Sequence

Part 11 – Creating Selection Profiles

Part 12 – Creating Deployment Media

Part 13 – Beginning to Skip Screens and Auto answer questions

Part 14 – A quick look at the Task Sequence and Unattend.xml

Part 15 – Using WDS with MDT to create a network based PXE install