In this series – we’re going to present all the steps that should be required to not only setup MDT 2010 for a standard LTI, but all the techniques needed for Automated application installs  More so by the end of this you should be able to get yourself down to a near ZTI deployment on USB.

The first thing you need to know is that MDT 2010 is NOT a server application. It is a tool.

A tool that will help you tune your media from Windows XP to Server 2008R2 into a more simplified install.  It can tie in applications, specific settings, updates, drivers.  Everything you would need to get your Workstations and Servers installing with minimal effort upon the part of yourself and your staff.

So the first part you need is to get the media.   This is just a matter of doing a Search on for “MDT 2010 Update 1” which as of this writing is the most current release of the toolkit.

Click here to download MDT 2010 Update 1

Take note the only difference between the 32bit version and the 64bit version of the software is that is designed to run optimally on a those specific versions of Windows.  Functionally and feature wise they are identical.

Just download and install the application, take all the default settings, and in moments you will have a basic install of MDT 2010.   Now to access it just go to the start menu and

To start the application the first time go to “Microsoft Deployment Toolkit” off the Start Menu and choose “Deployment Workbench”


Now we’re going to “assume” you are on the internet and letting the Toolkit do all the work.   When you get into the Workbench choose “Components” on the left hand side.   The Window will now display a screen like so


Anything that says “Required” is well… REQUIRED (pretty obvious fortunately).   Click on each link and choose the “Download” button as it appears to download the required components. 

If you’re deploying MDT on a regular basis (Say you’re a consultant?) Just make sure you download the “Windows AIK for Windows 7” and store the ISO file away.   This is something you can install before MDT 2010 to save the time on downloading on a regular basis.

If you install the Windows AIK separately, like MDT; just take all default options.

Next time we will actually start into the fun stuff and create a Deployment Point.