And so it happened.   I woke up 3:30am to grab a cab and then Go Bus to register Early for the CN Tower climb

Good thing too.   At 6:00am I would guess at about over a hundred people were lined up already.  

So quickly I checked in and moved to the line.  Moments later I had my timecard and was headed towards the tower.

Yes, I ran.  I was excited to participate.

There was a queue to control the flow of runners, so at approximately 6:10am I started the run.

Bolting up the stairs, I think I took the first 20 flights pretty good,  but one thing I noticed (being this was my first long endurance physical endeavour) is that you DO begin to tire!  Not my legs or anything anybody expected but catching your breath.

But later on I found myself making a decent pattern of 10 flights and rest which seemed to make the pace easier.    It was an interesting experience as well to see people YOUNGER than myself being winded, which just goes to show the sheer height of the Tower.

Little kids, old and young all participated.  There were Paramedics posted at multiple points.   One fellow even asked me if I was having chest pains, but of course no… no chest pains.  Just a bit winded Smile

Eventually I made it to the top, assuming for some reason this had taken over an hour.  Yes you really lose time in there.  Turned out I did pretty good.

29 minutes 50 seconds.  Over $500 raised (not matching Corporate Doner matching from work) Not bad for my first ever time ever for the tower climb. 

And yes, as worn out as I was, I would happily do it again.

For we can all make a difference.  If the difference I can make is to inspire others to step up and step forward, I will persist.  If funds for a good cause can be generated in the process, all the more better.

We can all change tomorrow for the better. Smile