And so I am awake, staring at the time on my laptop reminding me quite indignantly that I forgot to adjust for the Time Zone.

The first 24 hours for me have been “Eventful” to say the least.   Ok not the conference.  Not YET.

Adventure #1 – Airport Time – I got out of the house at a decent hour.   Had a fail in the airport (Past Airport Security and I couldn’t find my boarding pass, which was very INCONVENIENTLY sitting in front of my on my coat), was awaiting my flight only to find out it had been “bumped” (I was getting paged in the airport).  But the “Bump” was good.  It was 10 minutes earlier and I was “Bumped” to first class for my Final Leg to Vegas.

Off the Airport I have NEVER seen anything like THIS.  The city is ONE GIANT SLOT MACHINE!  


Adventure #2 – Play “Catch a cab” – Actually that wasn’t an adventure, I presumed I should take the “Shuttles” and asked for the cost of one to the Hotel (Mind you this was at Midnight).   I decided to grab cab instead which turned out to be only $50 and I had a great conversation with the cabbie from Philadelphia who was into Scale model trains Smile

I arrive in the hotel and an Angel comes running over.  Theresa “The Scripting Wife” Wilson ran over with a Big Hug after my long flight.   Spent a few minutes chatting away and entered…….

Adventure #3 – Checkin Time.   Turns out there was a goof on my Credit Card 4 weeks ago and the Hotel decided at 10:00am that morning to cancel my reservation without notice.   As I stood there trying contemplate what magic incantation I could Invoke with Powershell to solve this (and cast the Hotel into the Abyss of OUT-NULL) I tweeted my dismay.

“Need a place to Crash” came a Tweet from Steven Murawski.   Steven is not (and I am REALLY surprised) an MVP.   Let me publicly say this now.   Here is a person who embodies everything the MVP program is about.   Runs multiple user groups, his own Podcast and when somebody who he’s only HEARD of online was in a jam and was stuck?  He put his hand up immediately and said “Hey! Can I help out?”

THERE is EVERYTHING an MVP is.    Somebody up there please take notice of this!  Steven receives a HUGE pat on the back (and I think a REALLY decent dinner and beers on me!)

I think I was up until 2am PST chatting with Steven and James Brundage as

So I am now rested, Energized and ready to go here in Las Vegas.

Day one in “The Experts Conference”

And again