And so the day began.  Up at 5 am (yeah I was awake before the alarm clock!) and quite literally jumped out of the bed.   

I was down stairs so early the Registration booths weren’t even open, breakfast wasn’t ready, BIRDS were still yawning.

So yes.  I was excited.

For in this conference I was sitting not only with fellow Powershell MVP’s, Community leaders and Powershell Enthusiasts, the Best and Brightest of Powershell were there as well.  You couldn’t swing a CAT without hitting something or somebody that was deep into Powershell here.  Both the FATHER and the GODFATHER of Powershell (Jeffrey Snover and Bruce Payette) were here.  Ed “Hey Scripting Guy” and Theresa “Scripting Wife” were here.  James O’ Neill (Creator of the Hyper-V Cmdlets on Codeplex, Don Jones…. I keep looking and my brain starts to spin.

Just about EVERYBODY is HERE!

I spent the day checking in sessions, checking out people, touching base, Grading scripts for the Scripting Games, prepping for my presentation for tomorrow.

People are looking at me. “You think this is fun?”

Ahem.  Let me restate.  I LOVE POWERSHELL.  Anything and anywhere I can go that helps me help others with it (Whether integrating, using or even just encouraging others to get the courage to speak) I will go without question.

and so I am here, in Las Vegas.  Hoping to help somebody change their own day tomorrow in whatever way I can.