For those of you that are new to PowerShell and Hyper and are looking for a great way to manage a Core Box (Especially the free Hyper-V Server 2008R2) there is a solution that just cannot be beat.

Go directly to Codeplex and download the PowerShell Management Library for Hyper-V.

This combined with PowerShell is fantastic PowerPunch to managing Hyper-V, especially on a constrained budget.

To get it all up and running?

Download the modules and put them on a USB key (or burn them to CD if you’re more comfortable with that)

Enable Windows PowerShell on the Core box using the following lines at the stock Console

START /WAIT ocsetup NetFx2-Server Core

START /WAIT ocsetup MicrosoftWindowsPowerShell

Once both of these are done (and possibly a reboot to add PowerShell to the %PATH% search) you can run the install of the HYPERV modules from Codeplex


To import and USE the Hyper-V module on the computer after install, in PowerShell you must execute the line

Import-Module $env:ProgramFilesmodulesHyperv


Or that can added as a line to a PowerShell Profile for convenience by using

ADD-CONTENT $profile –Value ‘IMPORT-MODULE $ENV:ProgramFilesmodulesHyperv


Or the better solution I have found is to move the hyperv folder from “program filesmoduleshyperv” to


Then you can just execute an




To get a list of the Available cmdlets in the HyperV module just execute a

GET-COMMAND –module HyperV


The Author “Jamesone” (James O’ Neill)  should be more than just applauded for such an amazing release of Cmdlets that truly make HyperV a piece of cake for everybody.  Contact him and THANK him.   You’ll find him at his current Blog site at jamesOne111.wordpress.com Smile

Enjoy Hard “CORE” Power of Powershell and HyperV combined.

The Power of Shell is in YOU

The Energized Tech