That’s right.

Sean went stupid or got really inspired (I’ll opt for really inspired)

I’m going to climb the CN Tower.  I’m going to try and do it.   In doing so I will surmount a goal for no other reason.

All funds go to the WWF (World Wildlife Federation, NOT… I repeat NOT the World Wrestling Federation)

And you can help.

Either chip in because

  • You want to change tomorrow
  • You need to burn some cash
  • You want to help a fat guy climb 4,000 plus steps
  • or you think Watching Sean faint at the sight of the CN Tower would be funny
  • or you just think I CAN’T DO IT

I intend to prove everybody wrong.  I intend to change your day, my day and my kids day

Oh heck, I intend to prove that the CN Tower is just a big concrete stick in the ground with Lousy Radio reception.

Donate here and help it all happen.  Smile 

Because you can, Because I will try.


Click away and send what you can.  I’m going to do this anyhow, but you can help in the process and change tomorrow