dr-scripto-2011-Soul 50

“…Sweat pours from your brow, your muscles tighten as you hammer away the Cmdlets into the Windows Powershell console.   A bead drips onto the keyboard revealing the smell of Ozone in the air. That last line poured out of your soul onto the page, and it felt so right.  One more task automated.  The systems bow down to the scripter…”

Is this you?  Are you an ITPro with that rare untouched gift?  Automation?  Scripting?

How about a chance to put those skills to the test and an opportunity to Script real world scenarios to test your mettle, improving your skills at the same time!  A rare chance to pit yourself against the best and build upon yourself at the same time!

The 2011 Scripting Games are for Novices and Enthusiasts to with an opportunity for Fame and Prizes as well as EXPERIENCE in scripting against REAL Scenarios!

THAT is what the 2011 Scripting Games are offering for FREE and they’re coming your way.  

The Excitement starts April 4th 2011 and continues on through to April 15th 2011.   TEN (10) Events with both options for Beginners and Scripting Guru alike to pit their skills in Windows Powershell, it’s a rare chance to improve while improvising and have your code reviewed by a panel of judges comprised of Windows Powershell Celebrities and Experts!

How can you lose? 

You CAN’T!  Not only will your name possibly be in lights, but this is a chance to get critique on your scripting by Internationally recognized Windows Powershell experts and MVP’s as well as Daily Chances at Prizes!

So why not give it a shot?  This could be YOUR chance to shine!  Why not take the chance?  You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

The 2011 Scripting Games are no small event either.  Last year THOUSANDS of Scripts were launched and submitted from HUNDREDS of countries across the planet from people JUST LIKE YOU!   Which has got to be the coolest part.  Competing with people just like yourself!  

So a chance to Grow and LEARN for FREE? Have Powershell Masters review your scripts?  Really? FREE?

YES!  Spectators and Competitors pour on in to the Scripting Games and benefit each and every year benefiting from the camaraderie as well as the INTENSE competition!


You too can participate!  Don’t fear on whether you’re a specialist or an enthusiast.  The 2011 Scripting Games are for everybody! It’s all about learning Powershell and having some fun at the same time…. And perhaps a chance to rub your friend’s nose in it if you one up them! Winking smile

Need more information? Head directly here for all the information you’ll ever need or watch POSHCODE and “Hey Scripting Guy” for more details!

Curious what the games were like?  Information from the Scripting Games from 2010 and Scripting Games from 2009 are still online for you to review! 

Except one difference.  The future is here with 100% Fresh Pure poured Windows Powershell!

So what are you waiting for?

The 2011 Scripting Games are calling you!  STEP up and seize the day! 

It’s yours to have Mighty Scripter!