My journey is continuing onwards and inwards.   For a moment I’ve stopped.  Stopped at a place on the Redmond Campus to just sit down and drink in the atmosphere.   Somehow absorb the wonder and the beauty of the people and the vision that is Microsoft.

Sit to dream.

People may wonder why I feel this way.    It is truly because I have stood and seen people who want to spent their day changing the world.

And so I sit now, in a single common area surrounded by people of all ages, passionate about what they do.  Passionate about changing the world for the better.

I’m certain, they, the many workers at Microsoft have their bad days (like any company) but as a single collective they are working as one to change the world and better themselves.

Not just technology, the world.  Each of them in their own way is standing forward and, like the Borg, contributing their uniqueness to the collective.

But unlike the Borg, they are not monotonous drones, they are living breathing people pulsing with ideas, churning together and forming often into concepts not a single one could ever have fully envisioned.   People giving of their own time to charity.   People trying to find a better work to co-exist with our environment.

They are people I have looked up to for years.

Microsoft is far more than just another computer software company.  It is far more than anything Bill Gates or Paul Allen envisioned.   It is even more than the raw passion of it’s leader Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft is a road to the future.   It is a place full of people of varying backgrounds worldwide working together as one.   Redmond Washington is the central point.

And so I sit here amongst the walls, the vision, the people, the dreams floating amongst the Azure sky overhead.   Drinking in that inspiration.

Four years ago I looked up at people I called “the computer gods” and dared speak….
….only to find out I had found long lost friends….


Cheers as I wander about this road a bit more and have a coffee.   A tip of my hat to Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer.  I am so glad you guys took that chance all those years ago.

and from a former “Friday Funny Guy” who sought his dreams to you

Release your passions and change the day, you can.

The Energized Tech
Continuing onwards to My Long Road to Redmond….