The day is just coming to an end here.  I have barely scraped the surface but I can say this much.   It was an interesting day of networking.   Meeting contacts both new and old.  Sitting down with a friend from across the water and just chatting for two hours.

But I did skip over the most mind blowing bit.

I stepped onto the campus (or least a small piece) and entered a simple building.  The realization of where I was finally hit me.  I was standing inside the Head Office of Microsoft.

I turned about and had to just touch the very word “Microsoft” on the wall.  I almost broke down in tears.  Yes tears of joy.

Am I being silly?  Maybe to you I am.  But for me I suddenly realized part of my dream was coming true.   Somewhere in the back of my mind was a little voice saying “If you got this far, doesn’t that suggest the whole dream MIGHT actually come true?”

Whether that part does happen isn’t relevant.   I set a goal, I dreamed of that goal (Yes I mean falling asleep I actually DREAMT of that day) and actually saw a piece of it come real.

Emotion overtook me.  I did not drop down and embarrass anybody or Microsoft, but I did almost break down and cry.  It meant THAT much to me, to have gotten this far.  To realize EFFORT does REWARD. 🙂

Then later in the day to meet other friends and just start chatting and have ideas pop into your head, to feel your synapses popping about.   It was a long and wonderful day.

Tomorrow is my Birthday.   I get to spend my birthday getting inspiration in Redmond.   *sigh*

What a Cool Birthday present Smile

The Energized Tech