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It’s time to Unleash the Power of Shell.   Pull the Scripter from within yourself and stand up and show your stuff!


On April 4th to April 15th, the 2011 Scripting Games are coming your way with all the uncontainable excitement they hold.


Do you think yourself a Scripter? STEP up to the plate!  But there’s also stuff equally as fun for the Novice at heart as well!

The Scripting Games are just as much about Enjoying yourself as they are in testing your skills.


Read up more about them on “The Scripting Games Study Guide” , Follow Poshcode.org and “Hey Scripting Guy” for more details.   Or if you’re on Twitter watch for the Hashtag #2011SG for details!

In the meantime, let a little inspiration burn at your fingertips from a little video inspired from the Scripting community Smile

The 2011 Scripting– Powershell Unleashed