I awoke this morning with a start.  4:30am without an alarm clock I bolted upright.   So sudden I almost fell out of bed backwards as my roommate Cory watched with a sudden chuckle. 

That stark unstoppable realization rapping away at me.

I’m in Seattle.  Seattle, Washington.   I’m a very stone’s throw away from “the Mothership” as it is nicknamed.  Microsoft’s Head Office.

I would suspect there is a lot I can’t talk about.  For that I won’t breach any confidence.  But I can at least type and express what I am feeling.

I am feeling elated, inspired, and more Energized than I ever have in my entire life.   The mere thought of stepping through the gates of Redmond and just meeting the people and technology has put my brain into a spin I am having a very difficult time describing. 

It’s what has had me wide awake every single day at 4:30am, bolting upright without the alarm clock.   The energy of Redmond, Washington seems to be calling me.

Others smile and might think “Silly Sean” or may nod knowingly as it has the same effect on them.  I don’t know, but I can only say what it means to me.

It’s a dream come true.

Several years ago I decided it was my one goal to work for Microsoft.  In striving to reach that goal I began to change, and almost evolve.   Evolve seems to be the most accurate word.   What started that?  Microsoft.

I met the people I looked up to as heroes back in 2007 at a conference called Energized IT 2007.    One of these people looked over at me and said “Oh my God you’re just like us!”

Part of me almost fainted that day, but another part lit a spark I had never felt before.   It brought forth confidence I had never known.   I decided to be creative and start to make mistakes, write and sing songs (Yes, I admit it.  I was a former Friday Funny Guy and I will never dread that) and just blog, not worrying about whether what I did was good enough for anybody else.

That courage led to writing a Theme Song called “Thundergize” for Energize IT 2008, becoming a speaker at Techdays 2009, a Session Lead at Techdays 2010, and more that’s about to happen.

It led to me getting involved in the Windows Powershell community.  Engaging people that, prior to all this I marked as “the Computer gods”.   I became more willing to open up and say things, sometimes be wrong but LEARN.   Yet here is the neat part.

I didn’t change.   In truth, this was always in me but I lacked the courage.  I just didn’t believe in myself.   Now parts of me that were always there are bubbling and surfacing to the top.  My Energy levels seem to rise the closer I get to Microsoft and Redmond, Washington.  It is drawing me like a magnet and I do not want to walk away.   I need the inspiration that is Redmond and will not look away from what it does to me.

This both amazes and frightens those that know me.  I am a very Energetic person when you get me going on Technology.    Friends will attest to that.   The term “Release the Kraken” was coined when that excitement about technology hits it’s peak.

Which has people I know a little worried.   When I stand on the grounds of Redmond, Washington; “The Mothership”, the very place where some of the greatest minds INCLUDING Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Paul Allen have stood.   They wonder “What will happen?”

Will I “Bow down at the gates and kiss the ground?”

Will I “Release the Kraken and lose myself emotionally?”

Will I just faint?

No.   I will evolve as a person on a new level.  I don’t even know what it is.   But I look forward to just standing there in Redmond.  Soaking in the inspiration.   ?Letting her mold and shape me to a new level.

I look forward to the next 5 days.

There is only one problem I foresee.   I may find myself not wanting to go home. Winking smile

The Energized Tech