A member of the Powershell Community passed away yesterday,  Andrew Tearle.   He was one of the original community Enthusiasts that helped drive Powershell and inspired people like me.

A great person has left us and to him and his family I write a Parody that really isn’t.   Based upon “Angie” by the Rolling Stones…

Dedicated to Andrew Tearle and family – All around Great guy and computer geek.  We’ll miss you.  To his wife and children, thank you for sharing him with us.

“Andy” (Sung to Angie by the Rolling Stones)

Andy, Andy, where’d you go, why’d you leave us here?
Andy, Andy, You’ve gone away, now we shed a tear.
With your passion in our souls, and your Powershelling goals
We can say you’ve never died
But Andy, Andy, we’ll bow our heads for you we cried

Andy, you Inspired us. Now you’ve gone up to the Sky
Andy, We will miss you. INVOKE-PRAYER to you we sigh

All the dreams that you alight, All the eyes you made bright
Generations remember you
Andy, Andy, Someday soon we’ll meet anew

Oh Andy, don’t you cry, Tho it’s time to say goodbye
We’ll always GET-FRIEND and see you
Yeah Andy, Andy. We’ll see your Cmdlets in the Sky

All that Thoughtware sent on through, and the person that was you
Lives forever in our eyes

Oh Andy, we’ll still miss you
Everytime we see that screen of Blue

There won’t be a day that we hear, tweets of wisdom in our ear
For you we raise a glass in cheer

Oh Andy, Andy, Forever more we bow our heads and cry
Andy, Andy, We’ll see you smiling from the sky…