The Challenge

A single Windows XP Computer full of data and goodies, you have no backup resources available.  Your back is against the wall and the client says “I need this machine upgraded to Windows 7 now and retain all my files and settings…”

You have 60 minutes…

(Cue Mission:Impossible music)

Gather your friends, gather your neighbours, your colleagues and anybody who thinks “This is IMPOSSIBLE!” as the myth is Busted!   Meet up at January 11th only at IT PRO TORONTO ( where we will FINALLY toss that myth out the Window.

How to convert a Windows XP machine to a Windows 7 Machine in 60 Minutes or Less

In this fun and interactive session you will find out about different ways to convert a 32-bit Windows XP-based machine to Windows 7 (either 32-bit or 64-bit), keeping user data and settings in place, while installing required applications, like Office 2010 and your own line-of-business programs, in the process.

You will learn about different technologies to do this daunting task. Can it be done in 60 minutes? 

Come and find out in this session covering this important issue for many companies today.

IT Pro Toronto
155 College Street,
Toronto M5T 3M7


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