Ok… Had this one and I have to share.   We had two Virtual Machines that just for LOVE or MONEY wouldn’t take take Hyper-V Integration Services. 

The machines were originally created in Virtual PC, VM Additions were removed.  But the only way they would work was with a “Legacy Network Adapter”

Today I had to migrate them to our Highly Available system and wanted this fixed, ONCE and for all!

I removed the services.  I reinstalled them.  I shutdown the system and did “Install Guest Services”

Do you think that worked? Nope.  But I checked online and it turns out the answer is very simple.  These machines came from Virtual PC 2007 which shows up as a different HAL.   The fix was a checkbox.

Run MSCONFIG and just check off the “Boot” Tab


Click on the “Advanced options” button


And then just simply click off the box that says that says “Detect HAL”

Click OK, then “Apply” then OK one more time.  Reboot when prompted

Upon reboot, the  “VMbus” in Device Manager will clear away and be replaced by all the stuff you REALLY needed.  Like you Synthetic Network card, Video card…. SPEED and RAW POWER.

See?  No need to panic.  It’s all possible to be solved.  Now go and enjoy a Cookie Smile

The Energized Tech