Few of us praise those we work worth, few of us praise our employers.  Today I must stand back, take my hat and bow to my employer.

A large praise to Mine

Few of you know my employer.  Mine makes a difference daily to those in peoples day to day lives, there are many on the front lines and I will try to pass along as much praise as are people.

Even fewer of you know what goes on behind the scenes.  I will keep names quiet but I will state teams and praise.

For those gentleman and ladies who quietly man the Help Desk.  Cheers.  You listen to everything every whining, bitching, irritating, complaint.  You solve it without complaint (or at least any that anybody gets to hear about)

To the Network team, those quiet people who magically reprogram details in the background, monitoring obscure abnormalities and often catch that odd “wiggly wire”

To those Infrastructure people, the ones that find the balance between what Executives want and what is needed.

To those that handle the phones daily. quietly missed; saving lives every minute of the day

To Managers; those who feel the spite of staff while still forging that balance with the customer.

To the VP’s who feel the wrath of daemons when all breaks loose, yet no matter the issue; you show the face of angels.

To the Developers of various topologies who forge the most creative solutions in the most unforgiving of environments.

To you, and the many others I may have forgotten (for so many fight the good fight daily) I raise a toast.

You are my co-workers

You are my friends.

… and for you I must raise a toast for helping me daily, for putting up with my weakness, my failings in my efforts.   For we are a team.

Today we will make a difference.  

To all of you, no matter where you work.   Remember.  You do have friends.   Do not forget them, no matter how bad the day.  They will not forget you

…… and occasionally….. buy the Boss lunch.  They have bad days too Winking smile