The title is revealed officially and I’m letting you all in on the secret.  Pass it on to your friends your neighours and family.

Hey, even let the little Gerbil running about in the cage now.

It’s a SEVEN part series EXCLUSIVE to “Hey Scripting Guy” that will start on December 19th 2010 and run all the way and INCLUDING December 25th 2010.

It’s something that "Hey Scripting Guy” (Ed Wilson) came up to me and asked “Would you like to do a little post about Powershell for the Holidays” and it kind of grew from one post to an entire story.

You may also may want to follow some twitter accounts which may chat from time to time each day of the story.  They will be followed with the Hashtag of #powershell and #vbscript when they talk, and won’t be hard to spot

It’s an Epic tale of … well I’ll let your imagination wander on that one.  But anybody who knew me as the “Friday Funny Guy” rest assured I have tempered all my skills towards making this happen in a way that Steve Ballmer, Paul Allen and Bill Gates themselves would be proud to see it on their website.

So set aside a few minutes each day from December 19th til December 25th on “Hey Scripting Guy” to read.   Whether you script or not, you will enjoy it.  I promise. 

Cheers and Happy Holidays

The Energized Tech